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Dr Abiy Ahmed and elders spoke to Amhara Mass Media Agency [Video]

Dr Abiy Ahmed speaks much like Lemma Megersa when it comes to the importance of Ethiopia. Will the Lemma Megersa team walk the talk and do more in terms of doing away with hate and enmity towards innocent Ethiopians who are being attacked simply because of their ethnic background?

Ethiopian Video
November 6,2017

Amid growing skepticism about the move of OPDO leaders in relation to dialogue with Amhara region, Dr Abiy Ahmed spoke to Amhara Mass Media Agency regarding Oromo and Amhara dialogue which was going on in Bahir Dar and related issues. He is of the views that artists,intellectuals,political leaders and elders need to work together to tackle challenges (challenges that are causing conflict between people) and work for the betterment of Ethiopia. He sees a special role for the youth in terms of building the country where Ethiopians could live in harmony.

A considerable number of Ethiopians seem to get comfort and hope in the rhetoric of OPDO leaders like Dr. Abiy Ahmed. Others see it, in fact some to be sure about it, as a plot by TPLF.

In addition to Dr. Abiy Ahmed, elders from Amhara and Oromo spoke to the AMMA. One member of Oromo elders spoke with optimism about challenges faced by Amhara and Oromo. He cited a certain young man for the expression “Amhara and Oromo are like a black stone. If you hit black stone with a hammer, it will bounce and hit you back. it is strong. Amara and Oromo are like that”

Many critics of the OPDO leadership cite that their rhetoric should start with demolishing the “statue of Anole” in Arsi – which was erected under the leadership of Muktar Kedir a few years ago to the joy and celebration of some TPLF leaders and to the dismay of many Ethiopias. The statue is based on radical Oromo ethno-nationalists’ narrative of history as it related to emperor Menelik’s campaign to unite Ethiopia. The Statue shows a removed breast in a palm – to signify the radical Oromo narrative that “emperor Menelik cut off women breast during his military campaign in the region.” At the time it was reported that more than twenty million Ethiopian birr was spent on it.

Anole Statue - Oromo region
Anole Statue. Millions of Ethiopian birr was spent on it

Video credit : Amhara Mass Media Agency
Cover Photo : Screenshot from Amhara Mass Media Agency video

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  1. What ever, who ever , say this please leave this behind . Bring peaceful memory because those generation already gone . You know no body knows most of time can write by other writer to create todays problem or keeping this kind of hateful staffes.

  2. Eshetu…that is the problem. People are stuck in the past; they can’t move past the past. While they’re watching the dark past, they’re losing the bright future of tomorrow.

  3. Let’s make us any Ethiopia people whose they love their country let’s forget what is going wrong previously let talk about the present and future….. one love Ethiopian


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