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Government implicates Eritrea in “foiled” bomb attack in Bahir Dar

Ginbot 7 and Eritrea blamed for “foiled bomb attack ” in Bahir Dar ,Ethiopia

Bahir Dar City - Ethiopia
Bahir Dar City – Ethiopia

borkena, Ethiopian News
November 1,2017

Ethiopian government says that it foiled plot to bomb two recreation centers in Bahir Dar. Ethiopian National Intelligence and Security Service and Federal Police anti-terrorism task force sent statement to pro TPLF-Government broadcasters and government media yesterday stating that they captured what they called Eritrean sponsored members of Ginbot 7 while planning to bomb Amsal Mitke cultural dance club and Baruk restaurant in Bahir Dar.

The suspects, says the report, are two but it did not disclose their identities.

The reported further claimed that the suspects were caught with four hand grenades and were in a mission to throw hand grenade in the above mentioned hotels to kill those who were in the hotels for entertainment.

Government implicated Eritrea in spreading the protest in Oromia region to Amara region of Ethiopia – which seems to imply that Eritrea is behind the protest in Oromia regions of Ethiopia -something that would rather sound ludicrous for many who are leading the protest in Oromo region.

As is always the case, government’s (many refer to it rather as woyane – another name for TPLF) claim met with a great deal of skepticism, if not total dismissals as pure lie, as politicized Ethiopians are rather seeing the story as a plot to set up youth in Bahir Dar and the region for another round of repression by the ruling party.

Generally, there is opposition to government policy to nurture a culture of hedonism as a strategy to make the youth politically docile and dumb ,and it seems that the region has become a focus in that regard.

Bahir Dar witnessed the massacre of hundreds of civilians in 2016 during a popular peaceful protest against the regime in power and there were subsequent bob attacks on properties that are believed to be owned by people who are serving the regime in power.
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