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Another horrifying ethnic violence left 50 people dead in Western Ethiopia

Manufactured ethnic tension escalating and causing serious crisis in Ethiopia

Ethiopia Kamashi zone -
Kamashi Zone – Benshangul
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October 28,2017

At least 50 people are brutally massacred and scores wounded in Kamash zone of Benshangual regional state, in Western Ethiopia. 200 homes are burned to the ground. The number of deaths could be far more than the above figure but the security situation in the zone made it difficult for people who wanted to search for bodies and those who are wounded. The news is confirmed by opposition figures in Ethiopia who claimed to have got in touch with eye witnesses in the region. More than one thousand Amharas were in the district’s administrative office

Amhara Tegadlo (Amhara resistance) activists, based in the diaspora, in their part reported about the attack yesterday and they have more or less similar number of causality.

On the other hand, TPLF government affiliated media like, Fana Broadcasting, are painting the ethnic cleansing attacks on the Amhara in the region as “personal conflict.” Similarly, Amhara Mass Media Agency, which is Amara regional state media, reported ,citing Benshangul regional state communication office, that three people were killed after a fight between individuals.

However, the number of deaths is confirmed to be more than 50 and more than 200 houses are burned.

Many in the opposition do not have doubts that the attack is orchestrated by the ruling Tigray People’s Liberation Front. There is precedent in the country where the ruling TPLF government instigated ethnic conflict against Amhara.

Less than a week ago , a violent attack was perpetrated on Amharas in Buno Bedelle Zone , Illubabor, in South Western Ethiopia.

Yilkal Getnet is an opposition figure (he led Semayawi party for years). In his social media update, he wrote ” Base on information from people who were looking for bodies of those killed and thrown in the forest, until 5 pm local time in Ethiopia twenty bodies have been counted. They were killed with machete, arrows and knives. Some are burned to death. Three and four years old children are stabbed and in the clinic. May have fled their homes and took refugee in Urael church”

The figure is what is discovered so far but could be higher than what is indicated.

Radical ethno-nationalists agents of Oromo Liberation Front and TPLF henchmen are orchestrating the attack against innocent Ethiopians who have been living,as Ethiopians, in different regions of the country for many many decades. Now Ethiopians of Amhara origin are being attacked simply because their ethnic background.

It is not secret that the ruling Tigray People’s Liberation Front has territorial expansion agenda and has a plan to incorporate the region to Tigray should the resistance to their supremacy continues and leads to their downfall and the disintegration of Ethiopia.

The regime already signed military cooperation with omar hassan al-bashir’ government and they have formed joint border patrol forces soon after the popular protest in North West Ethiopia.

As far as Oromo Liberation Front is concerned, there are rumors that it is getting funds from Arab countries including Egypt. But this is not conclusively confirmed so far except that the TPLF regime itself was indicting Egypt for destabilizing Ethiopia through Oromo Liberation Front.

Whatever the case it, what is clear is that now ethnic violence is getting worse and the targets are mainly Ethiopians of Amhara origin – whom radical ethno-nationalist ideology paint as “enemy” and a champion of Ethiopia.
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