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Abune Mathias not resigning ; changed his mind

Abune Mathias - Ethiopian Church
Ethiopian Orthodox Church Patriarch Abune Matthias (Photo: Al-Ahram)

borkena,Ethiopian News
October 28,2017

Last week, borkena reported that Ethiopian Orthodox Church Patriarch, Abune Mathias , told his aides that he is resigning as patriarch. The expectation from informed sources within the church was that he would present his request to the Holy Synod meeting this week.

Apparently, Abune Mathias changed his mind as he did not present his request to the holy synod during this week’s conference. It is not clear why he changed his mind but it was reported last week that government officials wanted him to carry on in consideration of the situation Ethiopia is in.

At the Holy Synod meeting this week, the Patriarch rather focused on what he thinks are the most important challenges, indicates a social media report by Hara Ze Tewahdo, a blog that focuses on news about Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahdo Church.

Abune Mathias reportedly told members of the Holy Synod and other participants of the conference that Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahdo Church leadership is hinged on HollySynod based priesthood and that the guardian is the Holy Spirit, not based on Western-Lutheran based council and philosophy. He was apparently making a reference to challenges he faces from the younger generation of members who do not seem to be happy with the way Abune Mathias is leading the church. In fact, they think that he is making mistakes and not living up to the prelates of Ethiopian church.

On this part, Abune Mathias criticize the young generation as “selfish”, “obedient” with tendency to insult fathers.

He has difference with Mahibere Kidusan, association that was established nearly 27 years ago, as he sees them as threat to the Ethiopian church. On the contrary that is not how many members of the church see the association.

The Association has hundreds of thousands of memberships and carried out many projects relevant to the church in rural Ethiopian and towns across Ethiopia.

The Ethiopian church is dealing with unprecedented challenges related to administrative issues and at times religious as well. Like the ruling party, the church has now issues related to corruption. Ethnic politics crept to the church as well.

Abune Mathias called for loyalty to the church and transparency

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