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Two Agazi soldiers reportedly killed and two others wounded in Ginchi, Ethiopia

The protest in Oromo region of Ethiopia was started first in Ginchi some two years ago.

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Credit : Social media

borkena,Ethiopian News
October 27,2017

A social media update by Ethiopian Satellite Television (ESAT) says two members are Agazi are killed and two others wounded in Ginchi, Oromo region of Ethiopia.

They were apparently attacked in a gas station. The news is not yet reported by other Ethiopian news sources.

Responsible party for the attack is not yet known but there are speculations that it could be retaliation for the killings in Ambo yesterday.

Agazi forces were deployed to Ambo town yesterday and they have killed over ten protesters and wounded twenty others.

It is a special contingent within the army mostly recruited from Tigay region and is loyal to the ruling TPLF elites. The regime resorts to deploying these forces whenever a popular protest erupts in Ethiopia.

The use of Agazi forces by TPLF general to quell down peaceful protests is reportedly causing friction within the ruling coalition, Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF).

Reports from sources close to the ruling party indicate that the party is living unprecedented in-fights and there are speculations that the coalition might break up as defiance to the domination of the minority Tigray People’s Liberation Front is mounting.

So far two top government officials, Bereket Simon and Abadula Gemeda, submitted resignation letter but only the former is given the go ahead to resign while the party is discussing the resignation of Abadula, speaker of the Federal Parliament, who publicly complained about “disrespect” to “his people” and his party.

Meanwhile the protest in Oromo region of Ethiopia continued and the regime is only adding more fuel to it by deploying Agazi forces to fire at protesters.
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