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Calm restored in Buno Bedele after violent clash

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October 24,2017

Ethiopia - ethnic violence -Oromo region -Amara - Buno Bedele
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Calm restored to Buno Bedele Zone of Illubabor after a conflict claimed lives last Thursday, reported DW Amharic. Government media in Ethiopia and opposition activists who broke the news seem to confirm the news.

The brutal attacks against Amharic speaking Ethiopians who lived in the region for generations happened last Thursaday in Dega and Chora towns when what started as an anti-government protest turned out to be violent with manifestations of ethnic-based hatred.

Initially, more than 1500 people were compelled to leave their house behind to take refuge in nearby towns like Bedelle. The residents have now started to move back to their house, according to reports by the regional government which is confirmed by sources like ESAT. Those whose houses were reduced to ashes are reportedly getting support from Oromo speaking Ethiopians of the region to build mud houses.

Voices the opposition quarter tend to think that the horrifying killing of innocent farmers was orchestrated by the ruling Tigray People’s Liberation Front.

Local pro-TPLF media, namely Ethiopian News Network and Zami FM 97.1, are indicted for aggravating the conflict in the way they reported in a breaking news coverage. Government communication minister, Negeri Lencho, and Oromo regional government communication head, Addisu Arega blamed these media for the tendency they demonstrated to aggravate the conflict situation.

The regional government claims that it has arrested more than 200 suspects and that it is investigating the matter.

Meanwhile, there was a renewed protest in Ambo, West of the capital Addis Ababa. Protestors blockaded road and seized trucks of sugar which was meant to be transported to the capital.

There is a dire shortage of sugar across cities and towns in Ethiopia and the price is skyrocketing for many millions.
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