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Grilled Tedros Adhanom “rethinking” decision on Mugabe as goodwill ambassador for WHO

Robert Mugabe’s appointment as goodwill ambassador for WHO brought headache to Tedros Adhanom

borkena, Ethiopian News
October 21,2017

Robert Mugabe - Goodwill Ambassador -Tedros Adhanom
Robert Mugabe
Source : www. za

Terdos Adhanom, Head of the World Organization, is “rethinking” appointment of President Robert Mugabe as a “goodwill ambassador” of the World Health Organization.

The social media savvy former Ethiopian foreign affairs minister tweeted ““I’m listening. I hear your concerns. Rethinking the approach in light of WHO values. I will issue a statement as soon as possible.”

It was at the conference on non-communicable diseases in Uruguay that Tewodros Adhanom Gebreyesus announced that he agreed President Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe to be “good will ambassador.” Tedros thought that Mugabe could use the role “to influence his peers in his region.” In his speech at the conference, Tedros Adhanom described President Robert Mugabe’s Zimbabwe as “a country that places universal health coverage and health promotion at the center of its policies to provide health care to all.”

The decision caused outcry and “disappointment” from leaders it the sectors and politicians as well.

Dr. Jeremy Farrar, Director of Welcome Trust -a British charitable foundation, said that “The decision to appoint Robert Mugabe as a WHO goodwill ambassador is deeply disappointing and wrong… Robert Mugabe fails in every way to represent the values WHO should stand for.”

The United States does not seem to be happy with the decision too.

Despite condemnations and sanctions from the West, Mugabe, now 93, is still leading Zimbabwe and has a considerable support base in his country and millions of fans in Africa.

Apparently, it is after Tedros Adhanom bumped to critics after civics that he decided to reconsider his decision. It is questionable, however, if it is going to be seen lightly by African countries should he change his mind. Tedros Adhanom is the first African to lead World Health Organization.

Ethiopians mounted a persistent resistance against the election of Tedros Adhanom as director general of World Health Organization.
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