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Continued road closure due to protest in oromo region of Ethiopia

Oromo region of Ethiopia still protesting against TPLF government

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October 14,2017

Protest in Oromo of Ethiopia during Irreecha celebration
Protest in Oromo region of Ethiopia during Irreecha celebration
Source :Opride

Three days ago the US embassy issued a travel alert for its citizens in Ethiopia to avoid traveling along Shashemene, in Oromo region of Ethiopia, due to road closure and violent protest in the town.Days later, there is no sign that the road is open again.
In fact, road closure is happening in other parts of Ethiopia as well, according to social media reports from people with a connection in different parts of Ethiopia.

The Road between Moyale and Addis Ababa is entirely closed as a protest against government entered its fourth day now. Militant Oromo Liberation Front rebel fighters are based along the Moyale-Kenyan border and Ethiopian army entered Kenya in the past to chase the rebel groups.

The ruling Tigray People’s Liberation Front government deployed military, as is the case in Gonder, in Oromo region of Ethiopia but the mobility of military is deterred after protestors blocked roads, according to reports in Social media.
Ethiopian Satellite Television (ESAT), US-based Ethiopian News outlet, reported that Western Ethiopia saw the anti-government protest. Gimbi was was of the towns where thousands of protestors took to the street.

Mega, Borena, Holeta, Kombolcha, Hararghe, Jeldu, Nekempte, and Yabello have also seen popular protests. The momentum of the protest is still strong in the town of Ambo as well.

So far protestors were calling for the release of political prisoners. But yesterday, they demanded an end to TPLF government.

So far, well over ten civilians are killed by security forces and more than thirty wounded.

Government security forces responsible for the killings in Shashemane four days ago are reportedly in custody by the local administration.The administration vowed that it will bring them before the law for trial.

The situation in Oromo region of Ethiopia seems to be slipping away from the control of TPLF as the erstwhile TPLF “sister” organization, Oromo People’s Democratic Organization (OPDO), is rather standing alongside and tacitly supporting the anti-government protest.

Unlike in the past, the new leadership within OPDO, which is in charge of the administration in Oromo region of Ethiopia, is becoming more popular among the people in the region.
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