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Anti-government march continues in oromo region of Ethiopia ; reported civilian causality in Borena

Oromo region is becoming an engine of resistance in Ethiopia

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October 12,2017

Oromo protest Ethiopia
Source : CNN

Anti-government marches continued for a second day in across many towns in Oromo region of Ethiopia. And Security forces are responding violently according to reports in social media. They killed six and wounded more than twenty in Borena, a town in South Ethiopia.

There were civilian deaths in other towns as well, apparently. Voice of America reported today “Ethiopian government forces killed four people and wounded 18 others Thursday in the town of Soda in the restive Oromia region.” It quoted Oromia head of security, Kulutu Fara, as saying, “The federal forces were angered by the residents’ demand to stop the trucks and opened fire, killing four people.”
On Wednesday, Eight people were killed and more than 30 wounded in Shashemane and Bokoti towns according to Head of Communication Bureau of regional government, Addis Arega.

The protest is getting momentum as many towns in the region join the protest. Woliso, a town south west of Addis Ababa, put together a huge protest. As well, a huge crowd took to the street in Nekemte, western Ethiopia.

Protestors are calling for the release of incarcerated opposition leaders like Merera Gudina and Bekele Gerba, among others. Merera Gudina arrested in November of last year upon return from European where he went to attend a briefing on the situation in Ethiopia.

Protestors also chant slogans that oppose Tigray People’s Liberation Front government.

Last year, more than five hundred civilians were killed following a widespread anti-government protest across Ethiopia which led declaration of the state of emergency. Fifty thousand or more youth from Oromo and Amara regions of Ethiopia were led to makeshift concentration camps where they were detained for months, the government called it “training on the constitution of Ethiopia.” When the “training” was completed, detainees were made to wear a t-shirt that has “never again” message on it.

In just less than a year, a stern anti-government protest resurged and there are fears that it will engulf the entire Ethiopia.

Apart from the release of political prisoners, change in government is a major demand by protestors.
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