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Strike in Oromo region of Ethiopia

Oromo Region of Ethiopia soon to have a coordinated strike

borkena,Ethiopian News
August 22,2017

Oromo region - Oromo protest
Saturday’s rally was the first rally to be held in Addis Ababa after a series of Oromo and Amhara protests elsewhere [Reuters] via Aljazeera / File

After nearly a year under state of emergency, protest against Tigray People’s Liberation Front government is resurging across the country.

Oromo Federalist Congress, one of the legally registered opposition parties in the country, disclosed that a five days of stay at home strike has been called across the oromo region of Ethiopia.
The purpose of the strike is to remember civilians killed during the popular protest in Oromia region in 2016 and to demand the release of political prisoners.

When Merera Gudina, chairman of Oromo Federalist Congress, was seen handcuffed after what the regime calls court ahearing sometime last month, his followers and members of Oromo Federalist Congress were shocked and understood it to be humiliating for the oromo people of Ethiopia.

As well, organizers seem to intend to use the strike as a strategy to unite the scattered and uncoordinated resistance against the regime in power. The strike is called by Youth groups in the Oromo region of Ethiopia ; they are referred to as “Qero” in the Oromo language.

Similar strikes took place in Bahir Dar and other towns in the region to commemorate civilians killed by government security forces in July and August of 2016.

Political pundits and opinion leaders seem to see a prospect for full fledged resurging popular protest across Ethiopia in the months to come. Meanwhile, there are credible reports suggesting that the fight within the ruling party is getting tense as the so called “the fight against corruption” is underway.
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