Google chrome could translate English website to Amharic and vise versa

August 15,2017

Fisseha Atlaw is passionate about sharing tech news, among others, to Ethiopians on his Facebook page. Little we knew about Amharic google translation, he brought to the attention of Ethiopian community in social media the news that Google Chrome can now translate any English website to Amharic and the other way?

He wrote “You can now get instant translation of any English Website to Amharic – This is because of the Ethiopic UNICODE work that was started some 30 years Ago … Just take less than 5 seconds to convert any website into Amharic…. I will post an instruction or a tutorial soon.”

Sounds awesome?

He also shared a tutorial video :

Here are the steps :

1- Open the website you want to translate in Google Chrome (must be Google Chrome)
2- Right click on any part of the page
3- Select “Translate to English”
4- You look towards the top and read “This page has been translated “From English to English”
5- Change it “from English to Amharic “
6- You are DONE ,,,, Your page is now in Amharic 😁
7- I have attached a small tutorial…. watch the Big arrow as I hover it on the page
Enjoy (Fesseha A)

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