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Another bomb explosion in Bahir Dar ; two civilians wounded

borkena, Ethiopian News
August 12,2017

Bahir Dar City - Ethiopia
Bahir Dar City – Ethiopia

In the latest string of bomb attacks, a hand grenade exploded today in the Amara regional state capital, Bahir Dar.

It happened around 9 pm local time near Karibu Cafe in front of Bahir Dar branch of Ethiopian National Lottery, reported Ethiopian Satellite Television.

Two civilians, both women, are wounded as a result of the explosion and one of them is life threatening. Victims are in Felege Hiwot hospital.

Following the incident, a heavy deployment of defense force in the area is reported.

No entity took responsibility for the attack and the motive of it is not known either.

Some analysts seem to think that explosions like these are orchestrated by the ruling Tigray People’s Liberation Front intelligence personnel in a move to create a pretext for an, even more, repression of residents in the city.

On August 7, residents carried out a stay at home strike in commemoration of the massacre of more than 50 civilians during a peaceful protest against the regime in power.

Small businesses in the city remained closed for more than a week now. It was organized to oppose the imposition of new tax hikes.

So far more than 200 small business owners are reportedly arrested.
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