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Ethiopia widens anti-corruption crackdown with asset freezes : Xinhua

August 11,2017

ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia has widened an anti-corruption crackdown with asset freezes on 210 individuals and 15 companies.

The individuals and companies sanctioned are suspected to have links with recently arrested government officials, business people and brokers on allegations of corrupt activities, according to report by state owned Ethiopian News Agency on Friday.

The number of suspects arrested in connection to the anti-corruption crackdown has included a Brigadier General, a Deputy Minister and some of Ethiopia’s richest business people.
Sugar development, road and building construction, housing, financial institutions and officials from Addis Ababa city administration in particular have consisted the bulk of the arrested individuals.

Ethiopian government has identified corruption and rent seeking activities as part of the reason Ethiopia was rocked by sweeping unrest in 2016.

The Ethiopian government has since then promised to crack down on grand scale corruption which has afflicted one of the world’s fastest growing economies.

For more information about this report, please refer to Xinhua



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