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Two grenade explosions as Bahir Dar remembers martyrs from last year massacre by government deployed snipers

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August 7, 2017

Exactly one-year ago, at least fifty peaceful protesters were gunned down in Bahir Dar by snipers deployed by the ruling Tigray People’s Liberation Front government.

For the most part of the year after the bloody day, Nehassie 1 in Ethiopian Calander, the country was under a state of emergency legislation presided over by “Command Post” – mostly from TPLF military personnel. No fewer killings took place in the country during the course of the state of emergency. But no official figure is available regarding the number of victims as there has been information black out following state imposed an official restriction on freedom of expression, not to mention periodic social media black out.
The strike is clearly Bahir Dar’s way of sending a message today to the ruling party. The message seems that last years’massacre of 50 civilians in Bahir Dar is still fresh in the memory of residents of the city.

To mark one year anniversary of the bloody day, a stay-at-home strike was organized and it was effective as of this morning. Nothing is known as to who organized the strike but it is in effect and it is working. Small business in the city remained closed.

Bahir Dar - Abebe Geremew - Strike - remembrance
The young man in Ethiopian flag, Abebe Geremew, is one of the victims during August 1,2016 massacre in Bahir Dar.
Photo: Social media

And as part of the protest, there were two grenade explosions. A resident of the city told VOA Amharic, anonymously, that the explosion took place around 4 or 4:30 am local time.

It seems the case that one of the targets was Amara National Democratic Front (ANDM) headquarter. The other bomb exploded near Pedagogy campus. No detailed information is available as yet regarding the extent of damage caused by the attack or as to who is responsible for the bomb attacks.

Fana, government affiliated broadcasting corporation, reported that five suspects are in custody. However, anonymous sources from Bahir Dar say that the arrest was random and has nothing to do with the entity that is involved in the bomb attack. Social media activists who were calling for a stay-at-home strike in remembrance of last years’ killing are also reportedly arrested.

The bomb attack yesterday is the latest in the string of attacks. The goals of these recurrent attacks are meant to be a resistance to the ruling TPLF dominated government.

In a related story, a strike is reported in Ambo and Wolisso towns in opposition to rights violations of arrested opposition leaders like Merera Gudina.
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