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Legendary Ababa Tesfaye , Ethiopian Children story teller and TV personality, passed away

Ababa Tesfaye might be remembered as a father to a generation

borkena,Ethiopian News
July 31,2017

Ababa Tesfaye - Tesfaye Sahilu
Ababa Tesfaye (Tesfaye Sahilu)
Credit : Nebiyu Sirak

Ababa Tesfaye Ethiopian, a legend who created a name for himself through Children story telling, passed away aged 94.

Post-imperial Ethiopia generation grew up hearing children story from Ababa Tesfaye. His TV show in what was then Ethiopian Television, now rebranded “Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation,” the British way, glued millions of children across the nation to his show.

Strength, loyalty, morality, honesty, and patriotism were among the themes of this story telling. Before his career as Children story teller in the Ethiopian Television, he took part in famous theatres that were played in famous Ethiopian Theatere places including National Theatre and Hager Fikir.

When Ethiopia sent troops, as part of UN mission, during the Korean War, Tesfay Sailu was part of the entertainment team that went to entertain Ethiopian soldiers.

Too many Ethiopians are not even familiar with his real name, Tesfaye Sahilu, as he was affectionately called Ababa. Ababa is an adjective given to elderly people; it connotes a fatherly figure. And he was truly a fatherly figure that became a part fond memories of childhood for Ethiopians.

Sometime last week, Unity University, one of the privately owned Universities in the country, awarded him Honoris Causa sometime last week.

He is survived by two children and grand-children.

In recent years, there was a conversation in social media regarding his condition. In light his life time service to Ethiopia, he was not given the attention he deserves during his old age.

Too many Ethiopians regret that people like him are dying impoverished while people who rather brought about much damage to Ethiopia turned out to be millionaires through loots and squandering of public resources.

No detail is available as yet regarding funeral arrangements. borkena will update readers as information becomes available.

Condolences to the family and all those to whom Ababa Tesfaye was a part of their childhood.[adToAppearHere]

Cover photo : Screenshot of Ababa Tesfaye video
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