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Lalibela’s Wise Man (by Matshona Dhliwayo)

Lalibela’s Wise Man
pages -98
Author- by Matshona Dhliwayo ( He is a Zimbabwean writer based in Toronto)

July 15,2017

Lalibela's Wise Man - book - wisdom - Matshona Dhliwayo

Wronged by his siblings following the death of his father, Christian lived self-doubt,rejection and anger for some time. He then ended up, without knowing much about it nor why he had to do it, in Lalibela, Ethiopia.

Life will never be the same again, in a good way, for him after his trip. The secret was the wisdom he learned from a sage warrior in Lalibela. 

Despite some inaccuracies in historical, cultural and religious context, Matshona Dhliwayo, lucidly narrated a life changing journey of Christian to Ethiopia in his small book ” Lalibela’s wise man” . Good read.
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