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Over 150,000 students reportedly graduated from Universities across Ethiopia

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July 9,2017

Addis Ababa University graduates - Ethiopia Some of this year’s graduates from Addis Ababa University.Photo : EBC

According to government media, Ethiopian broadcasting corporation, more than 10,000 students graduated from the country’s oldest institution of higher learning, Addis Ababa University.

Among the graduates are 207 Phd candidates and 4,351 graduate students. Addis Ababa university has science, social science,law,medicine and architecture faculties.

The rest of the graduates are from Adama, Adigrat, Arbamich,Assosa,Gonder, Haramaya, Jimma, Mekelle and Wello universities.

Ethiopia is one of the countries with highest unemployment rates. Graduates have often hard time to find jobs and thousands of Ethiopians resorted to migration as an option even when it represents clearly uncertain or even perilous journey ahead.
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