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Jury trial in United Kingdom to see terrorist allegations against Tadesse Biru Kermso

Alleged terrorist charges against Tadesse Biru Kermso seem to have no connection with terrorism according to a ruling by magistrate court

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July 7, 2017

 Tadesse Biru Kermso-

Ethiopian dissident Tadesse Biru

Ethiopian dissident in the United Kingdom who was charged by Scotland Yard with an allegedly terrorist offences is reportedly granted bail.

Tadesse Biru Kersmo,51, worked as a lecturer at Greenwich School of Management in the UK, was reportedly detained by Scotland Yard at the Airport upon his return from Eritrea, where he apparently met with Ethiopian rebels struggling to overthrow the regime in power in Ethiopia.

Charges against him include, “attending terrorist camp” – which is apparently a reference to his trip to Eritrea -,possession of articles that are deemed to be useful for committing or preparing to commit terrorist acts,about security and intelligence, urban guerrilla warfare tactics and sniper manuals.

From reports in Social Media, it seems the case that he downloaded downloaded the articles on his laptop and was found during check point search by security personnel at the airport.

After looking at his case, Chief Magistrate Emma Arbuthnot ruled that the case is not suitable for trial before magistrate court. She rather referred the case for a jury trial.

She granted Tadesse Biru Kersmo bail subject to a £25,000 security according to a report by West Sussex County, as cited by Ethiopian Satellite Television.

He is a member and one of the leaders of Ginbot 7 movement – an opposition political entity under the leadership of former Bucknell University economics professor,Berhanu Nega.

The movement was founded after opposition leaders,who were thrown to jail for two years following vote rigging in the 2005 Ethiopian general election,were released from power.

Ethiopian government outlawed the organization as a “terrorist organization” and launched diplomatic campaign to lobby the US and UK governments to outlaw the organization which was not fruitful.

Another opposition figure,Andargachew Tsige,also a British national, was abducted by Ethiopian government who worked with in coordination with Yemen security. He was on his way to Eritrea.

Politicized Ethiopians questioned the motive behind “terrorist charges” against Tadesse Biru Kermso. A considerable number of them tend to think that partnership( political,military,security -among others)between the regime in Ethiopia and the UK government is stronger than the interest to see democracy and respect for human rights in Ethiopia. Some even went to the extent that the way the British government is treating Tadesse Biru is perhaps an indication of indifference towards the appalling situation of Andargachew Tsige.

All the seats in the Ethiopian parliament is under the ruling party.
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