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Saudi Arabia government extended deadline for undocumented expat by one month

Many undocumented Ethiopian immigrants reportedly indifferent to extension of deadline by Saudi Arabia government

July 1,2017
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Saudi-Arabia- Ethiopian Migrants
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Source : Islamic Invitation Turkey

Saudi Arabia government announced an extension of deadline for undocumented expatriate workers in the kingdom.
Saudi Gazette cited Maj. Gen. Sulaiman Bin Abdulaziz Al Yahya, The Directorate of Passports, to report that government announced on Thursday last week that it extended deadline for illegal expatriates to voluntarily leave the Kingdom in a month time from the date of the expiration of the initial three months of amnesty period which ended on June 24.

The initial three months of “amnesty period” was announced by the government in March of this year. Government wanted all undocumented expatriate workers, from all countries,to leave the country voluntarily before facing forced deportation.
An estimated 400,000 undocumented Ethiopian migrants live in Saudi Arabia. But those who returned to Ethiopia during the “period of amnesty” are much less than 45,000 – according to government affiliated media.

Extension of deadline to leave Saudi Arabia met with, rather, indifference among undocumented Ethiopians. Many are determined not to return to Ethiopia. In worst case, Ethiopian migrants are thinking in terms of trekking to war ravaged Yemen instead.

However, there are reports that Ethiopian embassy in Saudi Arabia resumed processing travelling documents for those who want to return to Ethiopia.

Cover Photo : File
Credit: Islamic Invitation Turkey
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