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Passengers bus killed 22 pedestrians in Hirna,South Eastern Ethiopia

Hirna town was a scene of tragedy today

borkena, Ethiopian News
June 24,2017

Hirna -South East Ethiopia
Source : Fana

At least 22 people reportedly killed when bus driver, travelling from Dire Dawa to Addis Ababa,lost control over it in the town of Hirna, in South Eastern Ethiopia.

Eight of the victims are women while the remaining are men and all the victims were pedestrians.

The bus was carrying sixty people but all of them are reported safe.

Government affiliated media source,Fana, reported that the bus had issue with the brake. The source also cited Negussie Girma, police commissioner for Oromia region, to report that the bus did not complete transport ministry technical test for safety and efficiency.

The bus also caused damage to other vehicles on the road.

Currently,bus is under custody for police investigation, added the report by Fana.
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