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Ethiopian Airlines authorized to make 17 additional flights to Saudi Arabia

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June 17,2017

As the deadline to leave Saudi Arabia,for Ethiopian immigrants who do not have permit to live in the country, approaches, Ethiopian Airlines is reportedly authorized to make 17 additional flights a week to Saudi Arabia.

The arrangement is only for the duration of time until the task of returning Ethiopians is completed.

The Airline announced 50 % discount fare for Ethiopian immigrants who want to return to Ethiopia. But there are reports that there are immigrants who are unable to afford even the 50 % discount fare.

There is only less that ten days before the deadline date which was issued some three months ago by the Saudi government. Saudi government wanted immigrants with no permit to leave the country.
An estimated 400,000 Ethiopians without permit are believed to live in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. But those who managed to return to Ethiopia in lieu of Saudi Arabia’s decree are said to be less than 100,000.

Deadline of the decree coincides to end of Ramadan fasting season and most government offices are expected to be closed for the holiday.

The kingdom of Saudi Arabia has a recent history of abusing Ethiopian immigrants.

Video credit : DW Amharic
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