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Jury trial in Montgomery County resolved dispute between two Ethiopians

June 8,2017
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Jury trial in Montgomery County in Rockville, Maryland, resolved dispute between two Ethiopians.

A press release sent to borkena website indicates that lawsuit between Haregewohyen Azalew, represented by Joseph A. Blaszkow, of Alexandria, Virginia,and Zenebech Mengitsu is resolved in favour of the former.

Haregewohyen Azalew sued Zenebech Mengitsu “for failing to make periodic payments under a Management Agreement by which Azalew had hired Mengitsu to manage the operations of the Wesenyelesh International Market in Silver Spring, Maryland.”

The Jury Verdict Awarded Haregewohyen Azalew $17,600.00. Counter claim by Zenebech Mengitsu is rejected by the jury. Zenebech made counter-claim for “breach of contract, theft of property and monies, and fraud.”

For more information about this story, you may contact Haregewohyen Azalew’s lawyer, Joseph A. Blaszkow.
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