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TPLF ‘s naked ethno-supremacist belligerence getting worse

TPLF reverting to ethno-supremacist belligerence

borkena, Editorial
May 27,2017

Abay Woldu, President of Tigray region, recently spoke to a group of visitors i Tigray from across universities in Ethiopia.

During a discussion with them, he told them that people in Tigray are not special beneficiaries,of course,he meant to say of the system.The view that it has a special benefit, he added ,is disseminated with the intention to incite inter-people,that is his word he used and he meant to avoid speaking of ethnicity which they kind of pioneered in in its politicized form in Ethiopia, violence. Conversation on whether Tigray has got special benefit or not is irrelevant as any argument for the proposition that it has not does not hold water.

In regards to the more relevant topic, ethnic politics, no leadership of TPLF can deny that Ethiopians have been clamoring for change along the line of doing away with politicized ethnic sentiment which TPLF essentially,unfortunately, interpreted as ‘neftegna’ politics.

Ethiopians’concern about ethnic politics was not informed by history as much as it is by politics and the future of Ethiopia. It was informed by the belief that politicized ethnic difference could plunge Ethiopia to a conflict that Ethiopia will not recover from. And when the wave rise against TPLF itself, it played possible “disintegration” card.

Indeed, omens of ethic conflict were observed in their strong form during the recent country wide protest. Despite Ethiopia is still under state of emergency, the TPLF regime ,however, seem to believe that it put down the movement in a way that it will never resurge. Perhaps that is why it reverted back to naked ethno-supermacist belligerence.At least three recent examples of it could be cited.

Bahir Dar City Club ( dubbed as Tana moged) traveled to Mekele, Tigray, for a scheduled, by Ethiopian Football federation apparently,soccer match with Mekele City team. What awaited Bahir Dar city team at Mekele stadium was typical TPLF ethno-supermacist belligerent attack. Tigrian spectators attacked players and their fans but four of Bahir Dar City players were red carded. The attack was serious and many sustained wounds. But when Ethiopian football federation looked into the issue, it fined Bahir Dar City football club about 450,000 Ethiopian Birr. Team attacked Bahir dar city. Team fined Bahir Dar city. That is how it is with TPLF belligerent ethno-chauvinism.

Ethiopian broadcasting corporation entertainment was to feature Teddy Afro interview regarding his new album which has become a hit in and outside of Ethiopia. Apparently, in an exercise of discretionary power, the interview was authorized by EBC officials who happen to be not from TPLF. After the interview, which was carefully done to avoid political content, belligerent TPLFies were not too happy that Teddy Afro is interviewed and they had,with seeming green light from their links in the top TPLF leadership,intervened to cancel scheduled transmission of the interview.

And yesterday, we heard that the administration ordered tombs of patriots at Selassie church in Addis Ababa be removed. All these are clearly an exercise of etho-supremacist chauvinism.

TPLF does not seem to realize it that if the youth reach to the point of losing total meaning in life and contemplate to end living in humiliation and leading a slave like existence, the outcome could be totally different. The Youth has nothing to lose. It is TPLF that should rather bother about losing.

Group of nurses in Australia conducted a research about regrets in life. They were interviewing old people just days before their death. One of many responses they got was that a man regretted that he lived in fear and tasteless life and told the nurses that he wish he lived a courageous and quality life even if it meant to be short.

One would wonder whether our generation will not have similar regrets in the end. At the same time, we may wonder whether new young,strong,and determined leadership capable of defeating selfishness, narcissism and hedonism, clearly among the many breading grounds of fear, would emerge to break the cycle of fear and living like slave and mobilize and give a blow to TPLF ethno-supremacist belligerence.
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