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Air force engineer reportedly killed ten Ethiopian soldiers in Gode

Soldiers are buried in Gore,border town in what was Harar region of Ethiopia.

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May 27,2017

Gode -Ethiopian-Somali-army

Air force defense engineer reportedly killed ten members of the defense force during army meeting in Gode, South Eastern Ethiopia, according to ESAT report which cited anonymous sources from the Somali region of Ethiopia.

He is reported dead himself and ESAT report suggests two accounts regarding his death. Some of ESAT sources say that he killed himself after killing the soldiers, who are said to be of higher military ranks. The other account says that he was killed in action.

The report didn’t mention the name of the soldier.

What is known so far is that he was trained to be Air force engineer but was “demoted” to the infantry division and relocated to Gode, close to Ethio-Somalian border as a form of disciplinary action. He is known to be from Gonder region of Ethiopia and might have been linked to the stiff resistance against the regime in power.

No other media outlets reported about it.
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