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28 Coptic Christians killed by terrorists in Egypt

borkena,African News
May 26,2017

28 Coptic Christians killed by terrorits - source New York Times
Picture credit : The New York Times

Twenty eight Egyptian Coptic Christians are killed in Minya Province on Firday. They were on their way to pilgrimage to a monastery, Monastery of St. Samuel the Confessor.

The attackers were reportedly dressed in military fatigue. They stopped a bus full of Egyptian pilgrims, ordered all of them to get out of the bus and instructed them to recite, according to The New York Times, shahada, the Islamic declaration of faith. When the pilgrims refused, the gunmen open fire and killed 28 of them. Children and women are among the victims.

The attack is linked to the Islamic militant group, ISIS. Egyptian president vowed to retaliate the attack.

This is the third attack of this magnitude against Egyptian Christians in less than six months.

In December 2016, 28 Christians were killed in the capital Cairo when a suicide bomber blew himself during Sunday mass.

Last month during palm Sunday, Egyptian Christians suffered another serious terrorist bomb attack in Alexanderia and Tanta. More than forty-five were killed in this attack.
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