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As deadline to leave Saudi approaches,thousands of emergency passport reportedly issued for Ethiopian migrants

Undocumented Ethiopians in Saudi Arabia have until end of June to leave the country but many seem to be unwilling to to return to Ethiopia.

May 24,2017
borkena, Ethiopian News

Ethiopians in Saudi Arabia
Photo Source : The New Arab

Ethiopian government reportedly issued around 30,000 emergency passports for undocumented Ethiopians who are given until the end of June to leave Saudi Arabia.

It is to be recalled that the Saudi Arabia government issued a decree in March of this year that it will deport undocumented immigrants should they fail to leave the country in three months time, which is considered as amnesty time by Saudi government.

However, a report by pro-Ethiopian government news source indicates that the number of Ethiopians who returned home since then is small compared to estimated number of undocumented Ethiopian migrants in Saudi Arabia.

Observers say, government in Ethiopia admitted it, that Ethiopian Embassy in Saudi Arabia is short staffed and unable to provide service even for those Ethiopians who seem to be alright with the repatriation order.

Hundreds of thousands of Ethiopians are believed to live in Saudi Arabia and yet many with no residence permit seem to be unwilling to accept repatriation order owing to gruesome situation in Ethiopia.

Desperation to leave Ethiopia is strong among the most productive section of the population, the youth, so much so that Ethiopians are still leaving behind their country for countries in the Middle East including Saudi Arabia which is expecting immigrants to leave the Islamic Kingdom.

With corrupt and ethno-eccentric government in place, Political repression and economic hardship are among the leading push factors in Ethiopia.The number of Ethiopians leaving the country is unprecedented in the history of the country.
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