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Holy Synod excommunicated preacher Aseged Sahilu

Holy Synod called on Youth to protect and defend their faith

May 22,2017
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Holly Synod Excommunicated preacher Aseged Sahilu
Excommunicated preacher Aseged Sahilu

Followers of the Ethiopian Church,Ethoipian Orthodox Tewahdo, believed for a long time now that the church is experiencing a challenge from within – a challenge that could be detrimental to the millennia years old teachings and ultimately to the very existence of the church.

Specific concern relates to practices whereby preachers with covert reformist agenda are allowed to preach in the name of Orthodox Tewahdo church preachers while their teachings does not constitute one.

The situation, in the past,caused intense infighting within the church. But those with a reformist agenda, as some say, have a network with administrative protection and undisclosed funding from overseas.

As it turns out, it was indeed the case that reformist movement within the church is taking root.

Today, the Holy Synod announced that it has excommunicated Assegid Sahilu on grounds of preaching something that is not in line with doctrines and teachings of the church ; something perhaps that could be considered as blasphemy.

Statement from the Holly Synod says that the decision is evidence-based. The preacher is no longer allowed to teach under the guise of the Ethiopian church, Orthodox Tewahdo.
The statement also called for the laity to defend their faith by not falling prey for those who are teaching in the name of Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahdo Church while they are not recognized to do so. The message is specially directed to the youth.

The Ethiopian church is suffering from you unprecedented corruption and from what many say is a well funded and well orchestrated reformist movement from within to deform the teachings of church in a way to make it palatable to “modernity.”

The reform agenda is not yet officially announced but there are signs that it emphasized on ease and flexibility instead of piety to the teachings from the time of Christ.

What many followers of the Ethiopian Church asserting is that religious freedom does not include the right to demolish a church from within and advise those who wish to reform the church to stop to form their own congregation as per their own interpretation of the gospel and that they need to stop to teach in the name of the Ethiopian church.

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