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Government sending massive military reinforcement to Gondar

May 15,2017
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A report by Ethiopian Satellite Television (ESAT) says that government is moving massive army to Gonder region of Ethiopia. The region has been militarized for many months now.

About forty military camions full of infantry reportedly marched in Woldia, a town in Northern Ethiopia, en route Gonder.

The report also recalled that the regime imported several tanks in recent times and new radars are installed in Afar region, north eastern part of Ethiopia.

Gonder region of Ethiopia has been tense for nearly a year now and state of emergency is extended for another four months time.

There have been recurrent grenade attacks that claimed lives and government seem to be unable to control it. Bahir Dar, which is the seat of Amhara regional state, experienced similar situation.

But the motive of massive army reinforcement to Gonder region is not known yet. The fact that new radars is being installed in the eastern parts of Ethiopia may mean that the military activity is also related to Eritrea. Yet, Eritrea has not commented on it yet.

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