Somalia’s new president Abdullahi Farmajo in Addis Ababa for a three days visit

Abdullahi Farmajo thinks in terms of two years to defeat Al-Shabab

Abdullahi Farmajo in Addis Ababa
Abdullahi Farmajo in Addis Ababa
Credit : VOA Amharic

Somalia’s new president Abdullahi Farmajo is in Addis Ababa for a three days state visit. He held talks with prime minister Hailemariam Desalegne at the National palace.

The former US public servant spoke optimistically about the fight against Islamic militant group, Al-Shabab. He described it as a disease.

“My government has a very extensive and comprehensive strategy to defeat Al-Shabab in Two years” Says President Formajo.

He cited that he is cooperating with Ethiopia in the fight against the militant group and called on other neighboring countries to support his government’s effort to defeat Al-Shabab.

The famine affecting millions of people in the two countries was also on the table and there seem to be an agreement to work together on the issue of food security, according to VOA Amharic report.

Ethiopian soldiers have been in Somalian soil for many years now allegedly to fight Al-Shabab. The expedition was initially sponsored by state actors like the US government.

Currently, Ethiopia’s soldiers are in Somalia as part of The African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM)

Donald Trump’s government recently send soldier to Somalia to fight against militants.

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