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Assefa Chabo, prominent writer, researcher and politician passed away at 73

Assefa Chabo recently published his writings entitled “Yetizta Feleg”

Assefa Chabo
The late Ato Assefa Chabo

borkena, Ethiopian News
April 24,2017

Writer,researcher and politician Assefa Chabo reportedly passed away at 73 at Parkland Hospital in Dallas, Texas.

In his early youth day, he was an active participant in Ethiopian politics and was jailed for eleven years under colonel Mengistu Hailemariam’s government.

After the fall of Mengistu government, he was a member of Ethiopian transitional council.
He has a good number of followers in social media and is known for sharing thoughtful political, historical and social commentaries.

Especially, he is known in challenging politically charged historical narratives and fabrications of radical Oromo ethno-nationalists.

He was born in Chencha, Gamo, Southern Ethiopia. He is survived by four children and nine grand children.

On March 18, borkena editor received e-mail from someone who identified himself as Gregory Mackenzie, apparently from Australia. The e-mail was as follows.

Dear Sir,

I am an Australian citizen and will soon be passing through the USA. In 1988 I spent time in Alum Bekagn prison, sharing a cell with Assefa Chabo and others. I am hoping that you could either send me his email address or alternately, pass my address on to him. We are both becoming old men and this may be the last chance I will have to catch up with him. I am not on Facebook.

Your assistance will be greatly appreciated.

Yours Sincerely, Gregory Mackenzie

Ato Assefa Chabo was contacted on facebook to establish if “Gregory Makenzie was indeed a friend and if so, to get his e-mail address. He wrote the following :

“…Gregory was not only in Maekalawi but one the best prisoners that I met.He was my friend too. I am so eager to talk this. Please give him my email. Thanks a Million!”

And then they apparently talked on the phone.

On March 21, Ato Assefa inboxed the following :

“…Unwittingly you have accomplished a Historic Mission.Not only did I talk to Gregory but he is flying to Dallas,Texas for the sole purpose of visiting with me.That is on the 27th of this month. I will be urging him to write about Ethiopia with emphasis on his Maekelawi experience.I am also drafting a piece.Will email it to you. Thanks a Million again!”

It is with a great shock that borkena learned his death. A great loss for Ethiopia and he will be deeply missed by Ethiopians. Condolences to the family and friends.

There seems to be no detail about funeral arrangement arrangement at this point but a fundraising campaign is launched to finance funeral. Check out the GoFundMeto contribute for the funeral.

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  1. I knew Mr. Chabo in the years/months preceding his death. I miss him daily, and would be happy to speak with anyone who wants to hear more about his last years of life.


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