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Reyot Media commentary on Teddy Afro new music and the rage

Reyot media controversy and response from Tedros Tsegay

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April 20,2917

The New Teddy Afro music, Ethiopia, is well received by his fans. But that was not the case for Reyot media, a radio broadcast based in the US that managed to build a good reputation in its coverage of current affairs in its short lifespan.

Their commentary sounded off the board for many of Teddy Afro’s fans so much so that Reyot is trashed. Others criticized Reyot in a measured way. The video below is one such critic.

To its credit, Reyot Media issued a statement today to offer a well-meaning explanation. The Amharic statement is shared on Facebook. The gist of it is that the critical commentary, says the statement, was intended for putting more pressure on Teddy Afro so as to make his work better. And we need to take Reyot for its words, at least once, as they have been doing some serious work that is in the interest of Ethiopia.

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