Skirmish between ONLF and government forces reportedly left 17 soldiers dead

ONLF - ogaden national liberation front - Ethiopia
File / Source Aljazeera

borkena, Ethiopian News
April 12,2017

A report published yesterday by Ogaden News agency says seventeen Ethiopian government soldiers are killed and 21 others wounded following skirmish between Ogaden Liberation Front fighters and government forces.

The report cited sources from Jijiga area, in Eastern Ethiopia, to claim that three high ranking officials are killed although the ranks of the ranks of the officers.

It happened near Leedilay area,Birqot district of Degahabur involved Somali region of Ethiopia Liyu Force and defense force on the one hand and the rebel Ogaden national Liberation forces on the other.

Ethiopian Satellite Television reported about it citing Ogaden News Agency. But the news is not verified from other sources.

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