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Jagema Kello laid to rest at the patriots cemetery in Selassie

In life or death Jagema Kello is honored. Ethiopians will remember him for years and years to come.

April 10,2017

Ethiopian Hero, Lt. General Jagema Kello is laid to rest yesterday at the Holy Trinity Menbere Tsebaot church in the capital, Addis Ababa. Patriots honored his heroic achievement during Italian invasion of Ethiopia and his life time service in the military.


Autobiography of Lt. General Jagema Kello was published a few years ago entitled “Yebegaw Bebrek.” He was one of the few surviving Ethiopians who fought against Fascist Italy. He passed away aged 96.

Amharic poem is composed to honour his bravery and patriotism.

“ያ ጃገማ ኬሎ ያ የኛ አንበሣ
ሐገር ደማች በሉት ምን አልባት ቢነሳ።

It could roughly translate as follows”

In case he wants to abandon his grave and rise
Let Jagema kello, our lion, know that Ethiopia bleeds
that it needs his defense

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