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Mekonnen Leake -good message but the solution

Ethiopian Comedy
April 5,2017

Finally playwrights of this era are coming up with something educational that reflect societal challenges and realities on the ground.

The realm of Ethiopian comedy in essence has become one of deconstruction of Ethiopian comedies and an avenue though which idiocy is nurtured for a long time now. That, definitely, has a lot to do with the capacity of writers.

It is imperative to awaken consciousness of the generation if Ethiopia is to survive as a country.

What is the problem for writers to come up with depoliticized stuff and focus on the social malaise that the generation is living.

Not all the content in the production below is,obviously, right. But this is the direction. And it will have a positive impact in the politics of our country once the generation starts to be inquisitive about life and the sense of social responsibility that comes with it.

Video source : Social Media


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