Chinese construction company reportedly attacked in Gorgora. At least three reported dead

The road construction project was apparently based in Gorgora

Gorgora - Gonder - Ethiopia - Chinese Construction Company
Goodgle Map : Gorgora

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April 4,2017

At least three people are reportedly killed and four others wounded after Chinese construction project site came under attack in Gorgora, about sixty kilometers west of Gonder city in North Western Ethiopia. It happened yesterday overnight.

The identity of the victims is not released and government issued no statement regarding it.

Seemingly, there was an exchange of fire at the project site overnight.

The news source who shared it on social media, Asnakew Abebe, is believed to have links on the ground in the region and is known for sharing news updates from the region.

No further information is available yet and no group or entity took responsibility for the attack.
State media didn’t report about it.

Chinese companies have a huge business empire in infrastructure development and real estate development in Ethiopia. And Ethiopia’s fund for infrastructure development in part comes from Chinese banks in the form of high interest loan.
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