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Sudanese president Omar Hassan Al-Bashir in Ethiopia

Omar Hassan Al-Bashir arrived in Ethiopia for a working visit. Expected to sign deals

Omar Hassan al-Bashir visiting Ethiopia
Al Bashir and Hailemariam. Photo : EBC

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April 4,2017

Sudanese president Omar Hassan Al-Bashir is in Ethiopia for a working visit. He is expected to hold talks with Hailemariam Desalegne and other high ranking officials of Hailemariam’s government, reported state affiliated Fana Broadcasting.

The report added that Al-Bashir and his government will discuss on the execution of signed agreements and challenges experienced in the course of implementing them.

Omar Hassan Al-Bashir ‘s regime and the regime in Ethiopia signed a range of agreements in economic and security areas , including a joint border military.

Sudan’s government humiliated Ethiopians last month when it ordered that they be flogged for protesting at the Ethiopian embassy that the regime in Ethiopia is not doing enough to protect them.

The ruling Tigray People’s Liberation Front and Sudan has a long standing relationship that goes back to the guerrilla times of the current government in Ethiopia.

Al-Bahsir is one of the regular attendees of the yearly festival of Tigray People Liberation Front anniversary in Mekelle, northern Ethiopia.
There has been recently talks of “border demarcation”, in Mekelle, between regional states in Sudan and what is called Amhara regional state in Ethiopia. But it was Tigray regional state that was handling the alleged negotiation.

The border is one possible point of talk during the talks with Ethiopian officials.

Ethiopians accuse of the regime in power of giving a vast and long stretches of land along the Ethio-Sudan border against the interests of Ethiopian farmers. The situation caused sporadic skirmishes between farmers in Ethiopian side of the border and Sudanese farmers.

The feeling in Ethiopia is that Sudan is benefiting from its one time proxy forces, Tigray Peoples Liberation Front, that it used against Ethiopia

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