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Over 20,000 detainees released but about 5000 will be charged

5000 detainees still under custody and will be charged

Ethiopia - released detainees  in Oromia region
Released detainees in Oromia region /File
Source : Screenshot from EBC Video

March 29,2017

“Command Post”, a board composed of senior military officers that is overseeing state of emergency legislation, says well over 20,000 detainees Ethiopians who have been detained since the introduction of the legislation in October 2016 are released.

They were detained in connection with anti-government protest since July of last year mainly in Amhara and Oromia regions of Ethiopia.

The Board says that those who are released went through what it called “rehabilitation training” – apparently about the constitution. For many, the protest was all about asserting constitutional rights.

However, nearly 5000 Ethiopians will be charged in court according to report by state media and they are still in custody. Among the charges are alleged connections with outlawed opposition groups based outside of Ethiopia like Oromo Liberation Front.

It is to be recalled that government was accusing Egypt of meddling in the internal affairs of Ethiopia.

The State of emergency nearly lived the stated life span but government hinted possible extension of it despite claims that normalcy is restored in the country. Yet, some elements of the legislation including curfew were lifted recently.

The regime in Ethiopia has been in power for about twenty six years now.
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