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Pagume Entertainment honored notable Ethiopians

Pagume Entertainment aims to entertain and educate

Pagume Entertainment - Ethopian - United States - Elias Wondimu - Debebe Eshetu
Debebe Eshetu (second from right) Elias Wondimu (Fourth from right) – two of the awardees by Pagume Entertainment.
Photo : VOA Amharic

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March 16,2017

Pagume Entertainment is Los Angels based Ethiopian Entertainment Association. It was established one year ago. Addisu Abebe, VOA Amharic reporter, spoke to director of the association – Daniel Argaw.

Pagume is the thirteenth month in Ethiopian calendar. Asked why the association is named after Ethiopia’s thirteen month, Daniel said that it is intended to reflect the uniqueness of Ethiopian calendar than the rest of the world as Ethiopia year has thirteen months. Its objective is, added Daniel,to entertain members of the Ethiopian Community in Los Angles and beyond while enlightening them about Ethiopia’s culture,history and other heritages through art. Also, the association has as its objective to recognize and award Ethiopians for outstanding contributions from different walks of life.
Accordingly, just a year after its formation, Pagume Entertainment awarded notable Ethiopians for their contribution for Ethiopia this past Sunday.

Ahadu Sabure (93) who served as a journalist for a long time and later served as ambassador was one of the awardees. Amharic maxim “አሃዱ ሳቡሬ አጠገበኝ ወሬ” which is equivalent to “Ahadu Sabure over informed me” captures his diligence during his years as a journalist.

Professor Adugnaw Worku
Professor Adugnaw Worku

Professor Adugnaw Worku ,Librarian Emeritus of Pacific Union College in Angwin, California, USA, is awarded for being a good role model for Ethiopians. He started school in Ethiopia at the age of 15. His bio on his website indicates that he holds three graduate degrees (Masters of History, Andrews Univ. Masters of Education, Andrews Univ., Masters of Library Science, USC) and Honoris Causa in Humane Letters from Southwestern Adventist University.

Apart from his educational achievement, he worked hard to make his dream of building a school in his home village in Gonder, Ethiopia, came true in 2014. Now, children his in the village do have the convenience of going to school at the age they are supposed to.

He is a poet, musician, author and educator whose work is very much respected among Ethiopians. When many Ethiopians were massacred last year, he released a video message which was widely shared among Ethiopians in different social media platforms.

Elias Wodimu,CEO of Tsehai publisher, is awarded for preservation and dissemination of knowledge (social and political history of Ethiopia -among other things) through providing publishing service for Ethiopians whose work would not have seen a light otherwise.

Pagume Entertainment also awarded Debebe Eshetu, actor and playwright. Among other, he acted in Shaft in Africa film.
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