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Endalkachew Mekonen leading Ethiopia’s diplomatic battle for Zimbabwe and South Africa

Ethiopian Video
March 10,2017

Ethiopia provided multi-layered support for African countries during the struggle for freedom, against colonialism. A battle was also fought in the diplomatic front. As always, Ethiopia stood on the side of oppressed Africans and fought the diplomatic battles courageously. The video below shows Prime Minister Endalkachew Mekonen making a case for the freedom of Zimbabwe and South Africa at the United Nations.

The way foreign powers retaliated Ethiopia was by creating and ideologically arming dissidents in Ethiopia. These mercenary like political groups painted Ethiopia as a colonial power that colonized different language speaking groups in Ethiopia. Still, there is big noise about it from radical oromo activists. However, TPLF, the entity that is in power presently, itself was a reminiscent of foreign agitation soon after restoration of Ethiopia’s freedom following five years of Italian occupation.


Video Source: Social Media



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