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Zequala Monastry fighting alleged wild fire

Fire is advancing to Kidusan Chaka of Zequala Monastery area

Zequala Fire - Ethiopia News

March 10,2017

Zequala Monastery is fighitng what is said to be a wild fire which broke out this afternoon, according to reports by Hara Ze Tewahdo – a source close to Ethiopian Orthodox Church.

The fire apparently started at 3 O’clock local time from the South East of the monastery. It is advancing fast to the western side of monastery to the locality known as Kidusan Chaka.
The report added that the fire started at the base of Zequala mountain which is estimated to be about 7 to 9 kilometers away from the church at the peak of the mountain which is about 3000 meters above sea levels.

Zequala is about 75 kilometers to the South East of Addis – just off the city of Debre Zeit (now named Bishoftu).

At this writing, the fire is not contained. Hermits and monks in monastery reportedly called on support to put the fire off. No indication if government is responding to the calls of the hermits and months and the fire is not reported by government media. Also,there is no information regarding the cause of the fire at this point in time.

Fire has become a recurring problem in Ethiopia. At times it looks like an arson and at times it goes unexplained due to lack of serious interest in investigating it.

In recent years, churches were burned to the ground in southern Ethiopia apparently by fundamentalists.

Zequala Monastery itself faced similar situations a few years ago. In January 2015, many hundred years old monastery in North Western Ethiopia, Degha Stifanos caught fire and was damaged.

Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahdo Church has not issued a statement so far.

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