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Ethiopian Video : best Adwa Documentary that vividly portray the battle

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March 2,2016

This is probably best Adwa documentary that vividly pictures the battle drawing from the writings of historians like Tekletsadi Mekuria, Paulos Egnogno,Daganaw Woldesellasie,Dr Seregew Hableselassie and Afework Gebreyesus.

It looks into diplomatic,political works to cement internal divisions,military intelligence on both sides as part of the preparation for war, military planning and the final engagement with the invading Italian forces -among other things.

In all those forms of preparations, patriotism,bravery and determination of Ethiopians is clearly reflected. The final battle is vividly depicted in way the show the line ups in the different wings of the military so that we could know who was where and in what capacity.

What was the role of Empress Tayitu at the battle? What was her contribution in the military planning and her idea to control water sources for Italians is reflected very well in the video.

Italian fortification around the church and the way Ethiopian troops responded to it is additional evidence that Ethiopian’s military skill is truly exceptional.

Finally, when the dust settles how were wounded soldiers, including Italians, treated?
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