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Ethiopia : allegedly planned attack on the Grand Renaissance Dam foiled, says government

borkena, Ethiopia News
March 1,2017

Attack on Grand Renaissance Dam - Ethiopia
Photo Credit : Fana

Toronto- Government in Ethiopia claims that it dealt a blow to what it says was a planned attack on the Grand Renaissance Dam. And it seems to link, politically, the gunmen to Benishangul People’s Freedom Movement.

Fana Broadcasting cited Zadig Abraha, Government Communication Ministry deputy, to report that the gunmen who planned to attack the dam were twenty in number of which thirteen were killed and seven of them fled to Sudan.

The report added that the government of Sudan handed them over to the Ethiopian government. The regime in Ethiopia and Sudan signed joint border security agreement a few years ago, and have formed joint military for the purposes of border patrol.
There have been reports by ESAT about military engagement between government security and rebel forces of Benishangul People’s Freedom Movement which was reportedly fueled by control of gold mine in the region by TPLF affiliated Tigrians.

Ethiopian government claims that the gunmen who planned an attack on the Grand Renaissance Dam came from Eritrea – thereby insinuating that they were armed by Eritrea. The government of Ethiopia has long been accusing Eritrea, openly, of plans to destabilize Ethiopia by arming Ethiopian rebels. There are,however,credible reports that the government of Ethiopia on its part is financing Eritrean opposition based in Ethiopia.

Ethiopia and Eritrea are in a state of “no peace-no war situation” following a devastating war that claimed nearly 100,000 lives from the both sides.

The construction of mega Dam over Nile has caused diplomatic tension between Egypt and Ethiopia. And Egypt, too, was implicated in proxy intervention in the internal affairs of Ethiopia by way of supporting radical Oromo Ethno-nationalists.

By Dimetros Birku
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