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Ethiopia :Gobe Melke,prominent resistance leader,assassinated

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March 2,2017

Gobe Melke - Gonder- Ethiopia - Assasination
The late Gobe Melke. Graphic Credit : Ethiopian DJ

As Ethiopians, abroad, are preparing to celebrate the 121st anniversary of Adwa victory, news of assassination of a notable rebel leader, Gobe Melke, in Gonder region North Western Ethiopia is confirmed. Rumors about it emerged yesterday.

Gobe Melke,70, led resistance movement since July of last year in a region that was transformed to a military zone after the regime in Ethiopia deployed military forces to quell down anti-government protest. He as been to many guerrilla combats against regime forces and was wounded recently.
According to statement by Gonder Hibert in Social Media, Gobe Melke was assassinated by a close relative who turned out to be a mercenary to Tigray people’s Liberation Front government which is dominating the ruling coalition EPRDF. Gobe Melke is laid to rest in Tegede,Adet, Gonder. Gonder Hibret is a civic organization based outside of Ethiopia; exposes human rights violations in the region and supports victims.

The resistance movement in Gonder region is inspired by Ethiopia’s successful resistance to fascist Italy in the late 1930’s and 1940’s. In terms of organization, a group of equally abled combatants are led by one among equals based on egalitarian principle.

Apart from resistance to what many likens to Fascist Italy type of administration in terms of repression and hate to Ethiopians, at the core of the movement in Gonder is blatant forceful incorporation of Wolqaite region of Gonder to Tigray for more than twenty-five years now. Resistance to it was rather simmering underneath until it broke out last July. TPLF government was talking in terms of political reforms including peaceful settlement of the dispute over Wolqaite at the height of widespread protest that led to the state of emergency in October 2016. Now the regime seems to be reverting back to total repression.

Colonel Demeke Zewdu is the pioneer of armed resistance to TPLF military repression. He is detained in Gonder after he shot dead security who dared to fetch him from his residence last year.
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