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Ethiopian Community in Dubai celebrated Ethiopian Day

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February 27,2017

Ethiopian Community in Dubai celebrated Ethiopian day this past Saturday. The event was apparently colourful. Based on information from Ethiopian Community in United Arab Emirates Facebook page, this is the fifth time when the community celebrates Ethiopian Day in Dubai. Seemingly diplomats from other countries attended the event.
In the interest of clarity, perhaps it is important to note that all Ethiopian communities outside of Ethiopia are not independent in the sense that some are affiliated with the regime in Ethiopia while others have no affiliation, what so ever, with it.

Unfortunately, even religious institutions are divided on the issue of affiliation. For example, Ethiopian Orthodox Church in the diaspora is affiliated with two different entities; for the synod under the Ethiopian regime and for the exiled Synod. The schism is serious.

Most Ethiopian communities in the diaspora have an annual Ethiopian Day community event. For example, the Ethiopian community in Toronto, which is not affiliated with the regime in Ethiopia, celebrates Ethiopian Day in the event of Ethiopian New Year – which falls on September 11 but so as to make the day convenient for all community members it is usually celebrated during the weekend close to September 11.

Dubai Ethiopian Community was established in the year 2003 by a group of individuals with the aim to reach out to members in the event of circumstances that affect members in a range of areas including labour relation involving payment. Later, it seems the case, the community became affiliated with the regime in Ethiopia after the opening of Consular Office in Dubai. Conceivably, there are issues that need government involvement and the affiliation with government is understandable from that perspective. However, Ethiopians who live in the Middle east repeatedly complain about Ethiopian consulates and embassies in the region in that it does not act in the manner it should whenever community members are abused or even killed in some instances.

Coming back to Ethiopian Community Dubai event, one of Ethiopia’s celebrated playwright and poet, Getnet Enyew, read out a sensational poem that ignites patriotism during the occasion (as you can see in the video).

His message was explicit which is a bit, it is safe to say, uncommon on events whose organizers affiliated with the Ethiopian regime. Identifying, fear, indignation, maltreatment and poverty as push factors from Ethiopia, among others, he vividly depicted the depth of connection of Ethiopians with their country even when Ethiopians are away from their homeland.

Video credit : Ethiopian Community in Dubai

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