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The Ethiopian flag as symbol of unity , Tsigereda Mulugeta

By Tsigereda Mulugeta
February 20,2017

Editor’s Note : This article was first published on Ethiomedia on February 18,2017

For generations, the Ethiopian flag has been the symbol of unity and solidarity of Ethiopia as one nation. Its significance has been far more paramount to Ethiopia and to the people of color than the late Meles Zenawi’s misrepresentations and self-degrading attacks against the Ethiopian flag for the purpose of carrying out his divide and rule policy.

The Weyanes, and some of those who share similar ideologies, are still distorting and undermining the rich history of Ethiopia by using vulnerable young victims as their messengers. In the past 25 years, they have managed to destroy and/or tear away pages of fact-based documents, or “founded truths,” from our history books, rare collections of manuscripts, historical, and theological treasures in order to revamp them with fabricated lies or “alternative facts” using false narratives and hate speeches.

Instead of promoting tolerance, values, knowledge, and mutual respect toward our diversity, the narrow-minded “ethnic policy” and “discrimination” became the law of the land, resulting in grievances, exclusions, ethnic tension/division, sense of loss of hope, loss of identities, inequalities, intimidations, imprisonments, and loss of lives.

Under the current situation, one must realize that in the absence of Democracy, the lack of respect to the Rule of Law and Reconciliation through Conflict Resolution will not help to foster a stable and peaceful Ethiopia for years to come. It is our collective responsibility to help “them” “emancipate from mental slavery” otherwise, those who try to diminish “Ethiopia” and “Ethiopiawinet” will diminish themselves through self-inflicted wounds, potentially opening the door to irreversible ethnic violence and/or destructions.

It is fundamental to the struggle that we aim a long-term strategy supported by hard work and commitment in order to bring peace, sustainability, and stability in Ethiopia. Ethiopia must continue as one nation and under one flag in order to survive and overcome any challenge at any time. The burden is on all of us.

God bless Ethiopia.

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