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Ashenafi Bekele named new coach for Ethiopia’s national soccer team

borkena, Ethiopian News
February 20,2017

Asenafi Bekele New coach -Ethiopia
Asenafi Bekele, named New coach for Team Ethiopia.
Source : Fana

Ashenafi Bekele is selected as the new coach for team Ethiopia. Yohannes Sahle and Gebremedhin Haile were coaching the team after Portuguese coach,Mariano Barreto, was terminated.

However, Gebremedhin Haile had issues with Ethiopian Football Federation and was terminated last year.

The new coach was previously in charge of Adama Kenema club.

Ethiopian Football Federation considered thoughts from technique committee and mandated yesterday, according to Fana Broadcasting, Ashenafi Bekele as the new coach. He is authorized to pick assistant coach and other staff members to the coach team.


Full details of the contract between Ashenafi and the Federation does not seem to be available and the appointment is yet to be made official after agreement between the Federation and the coach is signed.

The new coach is cited by DW Amharic as saying that his ultimate goal is not just to qualify team Ethiopia for the Next African cup of Nations but also ,at least, to reach quarter final.

Ethiopia is in group “F” of the qualifying matches for the 2019 African Cup of Nations and will play against Sierra Leone, Kenya and Ghana.

The earliest game is against Seirra Leone this June.



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