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Abel Tesfaye’s Begena Song – moten bemot gedleh

borkena,Ethiopian Video
February 20,2017


The next fifty-five days have special significance for followers of Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahdo Church. Apart from fasting long hours, prayers and praising God take importance. In the church tradition, it is called Abiy tsome ( denotes Lent)

Begena (somewhat similar to David’s harp) songs essentially constitute prayers and praises in the tradition of the Ethiopian Church. Begena is peculiar to the Ethiopian church.

Abel Tesfaye,the name not to be confused with The Weeknd singer, is perfecting Begena song in the footsteps of earlier Begena singers the church tradition. In the above song, he recalls the story of Lazarus (Eleazar) in the new testament to remind us that death is beaten.



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