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Radical Oromo ethno-nationalists’ attack on Professor Haile Larebo busted

borkena, Ethiopian News
February 17,2017

Attack on Professor Haile Larebo by Radical Oromos

Radical Oromo ethno-nationalists’ recently launched an attack campaign on Professor Haile Larebo essentially for sharing knowledge based analysis on Ethiopian history. He is a historian by profession and teaches at Morehouse College. Yet, these groups had to find few words as a pretext, which actually are fully explained, and clarified later, to embark on smear campaign on Professor Haile Larebo.

Out of commitment to destroy the professor’s life, they even went to the extent of organizing a petition to lodge complaints against Professor Haile at the academic institution where he is teaching in Atlanta, Georgia, so that, in their mind, he will be terminated from his teaching position. To its discredit, and to the disgust of Ethiopians, Ethiopian Satellite Television (ESAT) -the very same media that invited the professor to appear and discuss history – appeased the radicals in a way that contravene media ethics, according to informed Ethiopians, by issuing apologetic like statement -as demanded by radical Oromo activists.

In any case, what the radicals actually did was to awake Ethiopians to question if silence, in relation to multi-faceted politically motivated accusations of radical Oromo activists, is not any more viable options. Articles that demolished belligerent radical Oromo activists were published in Amharic language on many Ethiopian sites. Furthermore, Ethiopians launched counter-petition campaign to defend freedom of expression and academic freedom of professor Hale Larebo. More than enough, only 2000 was needed, people signed the petition within a short period of time.

Conversation on Haile Larebo has been going on since the first week of January this year. It is not over yet. This week, Reyot Media busted the allegations of radical Oromos against Professor Haile Larebo. Reyot Media talk show host Tewodros Tsegay and former Addis Neger Amharic news paper team member, Tamrat Negera – who is rather proud of his Oromo heritage – discussed at length why the radical Oromo activists belligerence is not acceptable. It is a must listen analysis not only in defense of Professor Haile Larebo but also in defense of freedom of expression and academic freedom. Audio clip below.

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  1. Prof. Haile Larebo spoke his mind in respect to his academic profession. I don’t think he will listen to those few Oromos; arrogant and ghetto thinkers. I wish they knew who Prof. Larebo is. I wish they had some sort of personal conversation with him before opening their mouth wide. I wish they have ability to ask a very elementary question, who is Oromo? Let them know once more that Prof. Larebo does not entertain rumors. Individuals who pretend to represent Oromos lack self knowledge, integrity, respect to professionalism, lack manners, and filled with arrogance. They are cancer of our Ethiopia, who don’t deserve any respect. They want to build their culture by claims who they are not, which is impossible.

  2. በኢትዮጵያ ውስጥ የአንድ ብሔር፤ የአንድ ቋንቋ ወይም የአንድ ባህል የበላይነት ባይኖር ታምራትን ጨምሮ የሚሊዮን ኦሮሞዎች ስም እንዴት አማርኛ ይሆናል፡፡ ኢትዮጵያዊ ብሔርተኝነት/ኢትዮጵያዊ ማንነት/ ኦሮምኛ ቋንቋን መሠረት አድርጎ ይገንባ ብለን ዘመቻ ብንጀምር ቁጥር 1 ተቃዋሚ እንደምትሆኑ እርግጠኛ ነኝ፡፡ በተሰወረ ዓይን ብቻ እያየ በሁለቱም የሚያዩትን የሚተቸውን መተቸት አልፈለሁም፡፡ በሌሎች ሕዝቦች ላይ የተጫነውን የኢትዮጵያዊ ማንነት ገላጭ ተደርጎ የተወሰደውን አለባበስና ጭፈራ ያላየን ሰው መተቸት አያስፈልግም፡፡ ሀበሻ ሳንሆን የሀበሻ ልብስ ግዙ ስንባል መች አየና፡፡ ለነገሩ ይህን ኮመንት የሚያነብለት ሶፍት ዌር ያለው አይመስለኝም፡፡ ሰዎች ሲያነቡለት ደግሞ…..

  3. Stop fighting

    There no such called Ethiopia and will never be Ethiopia.
    The land is called Cushland and its belong to God.
    Ethiopia is a Greek word. It is negative word. It means
    sun-burned faces. No one wants to be called by this word (Ethiopia)
    Therefore, We give back to Greek what is Greek’s (Ethiopia).
    We give back to God what is God’s (Cushland)

    Stop fighting

    • Agree:
      እኔ ከእንዳንተ አይነቱ የኦሮሞ ፅንፈኞች የሚገርመኝ ተራ ስድባችሁ ነው። Often time your resposes are really CRUDE and GROSS ምክንያቱም ሀሳብን በሀሳብ መሞገት አልተማራችሁም ወይንም እውቀቱ የላችሁም። እንደ ገደል ማሚቱ እነ አሰፈ ጃለታ እና ፀጋዬ አ…ራስ የበጠረቁላችሁን መልእክቱም ይሁን ሚስጥሩ ሳይገባችሁ ታስተጋባላችሁ። መርዶህን ላርዳህ። Professor Haile Larebo የእናንተን ስድብ ፈርተው ያቆማሉ ብለህ ካሰብክ እውነትም የስነ ልቡና ችግር አለብህ። በመጨረሻም ርግማኑን ለአንተው ያርግልህ እልሃለሁ።

  4. As I see from your opinions: You are enemies to each other.
    I mean Oromos don’t want to see Ethiopians. Ethiopian don’t want to see Oromos. I thing the best way to solve this problem is – Separation.
    Remember even husband and wife separate if their is no love and respect.

  5. ርግማኑን ለአንተው ያርግልህ እልሃለሁ። and to your family and to all Oromo’s enemies.

    Victor to Oromo nation.

  6. Ager yilma
    ርግማኑን ለአንተው ያርግልህ እልሃለሁ and to you family
    and to all Oromo’s enemies.
    Agree or not
    Victory to Oromo nation.

  7. Ager yilma
    ርግማኑን ለአንተው ያርግልህ እልሃለሁ። and to your family
    and to all Oromos enemies.

    agree or not
    victory to
    Oromo nation

  8. To all Ethiopians

    Do you war against Oromos or Wayane?
    Look Wayane enslaved you for 25 years.
    You did nothing bout it. Only Oromos who are fighting against them

    Remember there is no Ethiopia with out Oromia.
    As you can see, Oromos do not look back till they achieve what they want.
    Today you make fun of them. Later you will regret it. Remember with out Oromia there is no Ethiopia means we don’t have a country.
    Oromos are very angry and tired of your insult. They are looking for their own state. They want to govern themselves. Yes they have the right. They are more 50 Million people.
    Now you have to ask Oromos forgiveness and seek peace with them or some thing else…

    God help us

  9. Remember

    Yes only Oromos who are fighting against wayane because more than half of Ethiopia including Addis Ababa is Oromia region.
    It belongs to Oromos that why they are fighting and dying to day by wayane. Other Ethiopians don’t care because the land is not belongs to them. Oromos understood their land mark.


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