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Reported widespread atrocities in Gonder

borkena, Ethiopian News
February 16,2017

Reported widespread atrocities in Gonder
Historic City of Gonder

For quite sometime now since the deceleration of state of emergency in Ethiopia, the anti-government movement in Gonder took a new turn. Government move to annihilate peaceful struggle in the region has the unintended consequence of compelling the movement to evolve into a scattered guerrilla movement organized by leaders known in the tradition as “Ye gobez Aleqa” – non-hierarchical egalitarian structure with a focus to facilitate resistance operation.

However, the rest of residents; the elderly, women and children are not sparred from the brutes of the regime in power. Activists with close links on the ground in the region claim that the onslaught is under reported.
Muluneh Yohannes is a US based Ethiopian activist with links in the region. He grew up in the town of Debaq – just one of the many towns in Gonder that are living all forms of atrocities from Tigray People’s Liberation Front led government.

In the latest report he shared on his facebook page, Muluneh says that military contingent was sent to Anqash and Wogera in the last few days. Based on his account, it was tasked to hunt down those scattered guerrilla movements in the area.

Rebels were nowhere there to be traced. They are more familiar to the wildernesses and terrains in the area than government forces and their mobility is not traceable for the regime. Although intelligence unit of the regime managed to induce individuals in the region to work for government in exchange for sordid, they are not proving to be helpful as they are left out from information flow on matters of the resistance movement.

In consequence, the regime is indiscriminately brutalizing people in the entire region of north Gonder. “The locals are reporting a genocide in the making which calls for the immediate intervention of the international community,” wrote Muluneh.

Looks like the situation in Gonder is under-reported in part due to what seems to be orchestrated information blackout by government and in part because mobility to the region is obstructed with too many check points so much so that even people from the region are abused when travelling from one area to another in the region.

So far Human Rights Organizations like Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch do not have,apparently, a report regarding the situation in Gonder region of Ethiopia.

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