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Notable Ethiopian scholar ,Gebru Mersha, passed away

Borkena,Ethiopian News
February 13,2017

Gebru Mersha, notable scholar of Marxist political conviction, passed away in Addis Ababa, this week. He served as a professor of political science at Addis Ababa University for decades.

The Late Gebru Mersha
The Late Gebru Mersha

A student leader during the movement against the Imperial government of of Emeror Haileselassie, he later became a member of Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Party and was in the wilderness for armed guerrilla struggle.

When it became apparent that the armed struggle was not in the best of shapes and the movement got weakened, wrote one of his former student,Mesfin Aman, he had to go to Sudan and then to Europe, where he studied political science and got his PhD.

He returned to Ethiopia after the fall of the military government.

His students remember him as a man of integrity committed to the culture of discussion and a staunch Marxist even after the fall of the Berlin Wall.



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